Welcome to Beauty5ives

Angie Parker began her love of beauty and make -up at a young age combining with her love of art and painting , she tailored her talents and love of blending from the canvas to the face ,and using similar styles she developed her love of colors and experimenting with friends and family she would do make up and make overs all the time.

After studying art in Chester Angie decided to make the move down to London and with her portfolio interviewed for The London College Of Fashion.

Following a two year course in fashion make -up and stage make -up , Angie left and immediately started working in the industry of music and fashion, working with my artists and shooting videos and doing small fashion stories and pages for magazines such as i-D and Dazed and Confused.

Eventually Angie was given the opportunity to assist a very established make -up artist ,Mary Greenwell, she worked on many top runway shows in London and Paris and Milan and eventually landing down in New York City , whereby she immediately fell in love with the city and everything it had to offer. After one short season Angie packed up her bags and decided to make the move permanently and in March 1995 she became a New Yorker !

After working closely with Mary Greenwell and her agency for several months and doing some assisting jobs with very inspiring photographers such as Steven Meisel and Annie Leibowitz, Angie was taken on by the agency Bryan Bantry and started doing work on her own merit working with the likes of Patrick Demarchelier and Bazaar and many great publications.

To date Angie’s work has been consistent to her original style of clean skin and well blended and what Angie likes to term, ‘Real’ make- up that works for the face and has a trend but is believable .

Angie Likes to use products that have a sense of integrity and also skin care which is mostly organic , good skin is the secret to great make up !

Angie’s work has been published over the last 20 years in many international and American magazines such as i-D, Vogue, Dazed and Confused and Teen Vogue, Bazaar and Vanity Fair , and many Ad campaigns such as All Saints, Barneys, Tse Say and Skin Medica and Victoria Secrets.

Angie also was sort after by Iman to work with her on her new line I Iman when it was first launched because of her great use of color and ability to work well with black and brown skin tones and blending .

As well as helping to launch a website for women of all colors, for make up called DooBop.com , back in 2013, working on all the banner images and creating video content for the website , Angie was able to give trending up to the minute advice on how to use all the products sold and the best colors of the moment taking runway looks and making them street style.

Eventually deciding to launch her own blog in Jan 2016, Beauty5ives.com, . has been working with many top celebrities and models and asking them simply what their top 5 beauty products are and then making that accessible to the public through social media and also having an Ecom element the consumer can click to buy the products of these famous stars straight from the from the page . Fun and Easy and why , because perhaps 5 products is what every girl just needs !!!

More recently Angie decided to start chatting with her guests on her blog as all the women she meets on her travels and when she works, whom are so inspiring she wanted to include short interviews which highlighted not just their top 5 products but also their work and goals and achievements of all these wonderful women! Beauty5ives has some exciting news ahead so stay tuned for updates !!