We started with spraying the face with Kat Burki Elixor .

followed by Collagen Gel and finished with Vit C cream .


Love working with these products , Organic and made with the love of the infamous make up artist Rosemary Swift .

We started with Un-Cover to go on the skin to cover blemishes , then used Living Luminizer on the cheekbones and a little on top of lip and nose just to create highlights . Then we used a little eyeshadow on the brows to slightly darken and then cured the lashes and used the Defining mascara and layered many layers of mascara just on the top lashes ,to give a look of thick clumpy lashes . We then took the Kat Burki Glossy lip balm and applied it to the lid but being careful not to go to close to the lashes . Finally finished with a little powder just a tiny bit on the forehead and a tiny on the front of the cheeks and around the nose so the highlights can really pop ! We ended our look with the brand new shade of Lip Shine by RMS called TRANCE ...



HERE ARE SOME OF OUR GIRLS FROM THE SHOW . and thanks to John Moore for the great backstage pics !!!!!



ASHLEY !!!!!

Always a fun and easy moment working with this magnetic lady !



AS you can see Ashley has the most beautiful skin, and so it was the perfect time to apply my Beauty5ives technique with a little extra on the eye to pop up the drama for the camera !

we applied Nars tinted moisturizer 

a little RMS 'UN-COVER'

Nars Brow definer 

 tiny little bit of translucent powder down the centre because we are filming and need less shine 

lined in between the lashes with Mac black creme liner 

eye polish by RMS 

curled lashed and used Milk black Umbame mascara 

lips were a sheer lipstick Dolce Vita 


and voila !!!

shooting with Christy out in the Hamptons

Had such a fun day shooting with this lady at her lovely home in the Hamptons for Violet magazine , a British mag featuring women and this lady as we know is one exceptional woman !

Christy you all know as a very successful model ,starting her career at the young age of 14 . I have had the pleasure of working with this amazing lady for 3 years now while she promotes and discusses the issues of child birth and pre natal and maternal health both in the USA and developing  countries through her organization Every Mother Counts . Christy founded this back in 2010 after going through a very complicated and painful birth herself .


we shot Christy in some rather couture looking dresses , so we decided to keep her make up more on the natural side to counter balance the glamour . Walking barefoot through her gardens we created a sheer skin , and dewy iridescent quality and a sheer lip , just lining the eyes in the lash line with a little black liner , to create a little drama , I call this my secret line because it makes the eyes  pop , however is invisible to the eye .


we used on Christy...

Kat Burki spray Elixor and Vit C cream to prep the skin .

Nars radiant glow tinted moisturizer to even out skin and cover and slight blemishes ,even though Christy has amazing skin , it just creates a slight perfection .

under eyes and around nose i use a little of the RMS 'un cover ' amazing concealer with coconut oil so its light and sheer .

Mac creme liner in lash line above , RMS creme eye polish in 'Magnetic'  on lid blended so just a hint of color .


Josie Moran argan oil black mascara 

Nars multiple stick in ,South Beach and Orgasm , mixed together and blended.

very lightly powder the center and cheek bones with Laura Mercier sheer perfecting powder in Candleglow 


lips sheer lipstick in a mix of Dolce Vita and Tolede .

Christy at home in the Hamptons    

Christy at home in the Hamptons 


Adwoa Aboah

getting this gorgeous Brit ready for the Met Gala was such a joy !!!!

When I arrived to Adwoa's room I immediately felt a sense of fun and relaxation about this process of getting ready . lots of friends, good music , Adwoa's loved my work it was all good !! We decided to make it young and fresh with a hint of glam with a eyeliner and a few single lashes !Adwoa has amazing skin and fantastic freckles so it was all about the eyes and we finished it off with a clear gloss from Nars Cosmetics and a highlighter shimmer on the cheeks and eyes by RMS of course ,organic and always gives that perfect ending to every evening look !! Adwoa wore Calvin Klein and looked spectacular !!!

Night out with husband, Christy Turlington rocking the NARS Lip !!

Christy looking gorgeous and fresh with a skincare base of a balancing elixir spray in cucumber followed by a Vit C intensive cream. Make up was simple with a tinted moisturizer by Nars and an ultra moist concealer by RMS 'Un Cover' in shade 33, followed by a little 'living luminizer ' and a multiple stick in South Beach. A slight brow enhancer with my fave Brow Perfector by Nars and always the go to... Maybelline Mascara 'Full n Soft ' and the secret line between the lashes for the secret eye pop! Finished off with a simple eye polish shimmer by RMS in Solar and then of course the finale being the red lip by Nars in #Jungle Red.All these products can be found on the website:,,






this fierce lady I first worked with in Dec 2013 and we shot her for a cover story for Vogue Mexico and I took a shot of her taking off her make up and we loved the shot so much we made it our cover page !!

make up and model poses, but really shows off the best view of the 50's eyeliner we created for our Vogue Mexico cover story , although we were quite sleepy after waking up @4.30am to catch the first light in the desert of LA !!!  Perfectly coiffed hair by #DennisGots 

lip color blend of two shades #NARS #Schiap #heatwave 

Donations Allow MOAS to Save Lives Through Winter

Dearest friends,
The past weeks have gone by in a blur for all here at MOAS. We have been overwhelmed by the support and encouragement we have received. Following a surge in donations we are delighted to announce that the Phoenix will continue to operate through the winter months. She is currently on her way to South East Asia, where we will expand our mission to the Bay of Bengal. We continue to monitor the Mediterranean closely and plan to continue our operations in this region when and if funds allow. This expansion is a direct result of your incredible support and generosity. Your contributions will continue to save lives and our accomplishments are yours as well, so thank you for believing that every life matters.
The MOAS Team

Kate (eKATErina) Bogucharskaia @ Canoe Studios NYC

Kate (eKATErina) Bogucharskaia

@foxy1kate @beauty5ives#smokinghot @foxy1kate skincare @katburki foundation @rmsbeauty 'un-cover 22, lip color @narsissist 'Señorita' @canoestuios & make up table for our day of make up for the beauty cover of Lord and Taylor! 

Crafting a neo-Elizabethan Look with Karen Elson for The Met Ball

Getting this queen ready for the Met Ball on a balmy May evening was pure delight. Maintaining composure, as a queen must, the crush of press, fellow guests and celebrity seekers inside and around the Mark Hotel was as palpable as the humidity itself. In addition to a calm and cool demeanor, we enlisted the help of an arsenal of some of my favorite beauty products...@katburki @dolcegabbana @rmsbeauty @NARS @NuxeFrance  @Diptyque

Karen Elson Got Ready for the Met Gala With Tea and Spaghetti

by Kathleen Hou for

...British Vogue once christened Elson "Fashion's Red Queen," but for the ball, she is wearing a bejeweled, spiky Dolce crown that is more Game of Thronesthan Kate Middleton. Wary of a "too Elizabethan" beauty look to accompany the gown, Elson and makeup artist Angie Parker work together to create a modern and regal, sculpted red-carpet look... 


the beautiful and flower child Angela Lindvell

had the pleasure of meeting this lady when she first started out and we had fun shooting in a beautiful mansion in Englad with Tierny Gearon and I knew she was going to being a powerful model , who has turned out to be a role model for those who care about the environment and spirituality .

My first ever iD cover with Matt Jones shot many years ago with this beauty and what a cover it turned out !!!

My first ever iD cover with Matt Jones shot many years ago with this beauty and what a cover it turned out !!!

After years of watching her take environmental steps such as living on a barge and moving to the  canyon in LA , she has followed her life's dream of combining yoga and mediation and alternative therapies and foods rich in everything we should be eating , basically an escape from the world  in a beautiful home she called,

shot here again last year in 2014 with the great Peter Beard for a personal project !!

the collaboration with KK

whenever I go to Karolina's hotel to help get her ready I know she has thoroughly researched her look and basically always has a strong ideas, has references and is 100% pro!!  Here the reference was LA Confidential [Kim Basinger ] and I think we pulled it off !! Again actually using one of my fave Nars Lipsticks Heatwave I also mixed it with a Chanel Rouge #144CONQUISE to give it a slight more depth in tone .The perfect smokey eye ,a mixture of browns and greys to create depth and highlights to smooth them out , no hard lines and blended with some iridescence !!@beauty5ives 


2014 Fashion Awards NYC

The ever-inspiring and visionary Christy Turlington. Make-up by Angie Parker.

Lat year I had the pleasure of working with Christy on a documentary project she has been creating about New York , and I hadn't seen her for many years since I use to assist the colorful and very famous @MaryGreenwell , it was so lovely to reconnect and I have been getting her ready for events and tv appearances for her organization , , she is a strong and brave and brilliant lady of course   obviously beautiful and such joy to work with every time .

Vogue Mexico with KK

One of my fave shots from our Vogue Mexico story with the one and only #mattjones !!!!! I managed to persuade everyone that bleaching her brows was the way to go and to pair up with all the bright colors in the clothes and the hair pieces that the very talented #Davidvoncannon was using we would keep the make up the same but just alternative the bright colors on the lips.

fashion director @sarahgorereeves

The infamous and always beautiful Joan Smalls

I have always loved working with darker skin tones and in past years worked on many projects with musicians and even more recently a great website #DooBop which caters in beauty products for woman of color. When I got the phone call that I was doing the cover of iD with Joan Smalls I was super excited ,a true beauty and a great girl we had two fun days working in her hood Williamsburg and this is a quick shot i took in the van while we were waiting to change her into her first look, styled by the gorgeous and talented #ClaireRichardson, shot by #MattJones .

As you can see the make up was fairly minimal but we strengthened her brows using my fave go to #browperfector by Nars and evened out her skin tones using Nars Radianat creme foundations, and added some highlights to the skin with Multiple sticks also by Nars #southbeach and #NaPali Coast and use some gorgeous creme shadows on the eyes by #RMS ,#SOLAR and #SEDUCE  and blended with a touch of both eyeshadow duo's by Nars #Surabaya and #Brousse.